Fiduciaire CG Montreux SA offers to an exclusive International clientele, integrated and personalised services.

Fiduciaire CG Montreux SA is a permanent commitment, with professional excellence and integrity in the service of the business world since 1986. Availability, anticipation and responsiveness are an integral part of our vocabulary and culture.

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Our services are provided in close collaboration with partner firms, lawyers, accountants, auditors, highly qualified consultants, in order to remove barriers and foster the expansion of our clients through the support of global solutions.

In addition to the incorporation of companies and legal assistance to enable them to evolve, our support services include asset protection, tax reduction and long-term profit maximization.

As our skills are dedicated to your needs, we can provide you with sound advice that best meets your interests and offer solutions that are perfectly adapted to your business strategy.

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Montreux Offices & Services Center SA

An Ideal Location

The Montreux Offices & Services Center SA is located in the heart of the city of Montreux, opposite Lake Geneva, in one of the city’s best-known business buildings, the Cité-Centre.

Its geographical position offers many advantages, including the proximity of the train station and major hotels, not to mention its large secure underground parking directly accessible by lift from, and to, the offices.

A First Class Setting

The Montreux Offices & Services Center SA offers international multi-services in a prestigious building.

Various services:

  • Personalised support
  • Secretarial and photocopy services on request
  • Organizing seminars and business travel
  • Provision of offices or open space
  • Rental of fully equipped meeting rooms

Fiduciary CG Sussex Ltd


Welcome to the United Kingdom

Our Partnership

The United Kingdom is a country whose first characteristic is the absence of a written constitution, the British law is made up of conventions, jurisprudence and common law. With over 110 bilateral treaties, this country has probably the best network of tax treaties in the world.

Its capital, London, is a metropolis dense in business and financial transactions with attractive taxation. This city is therefore a first-rate investment centre allowing the United Kingdom to be a good gateway to European markets.

The United Kingdom has left Europe (31 janvier 2020 Brexit) and finds its own borders just like Switzerland which represents a privileged situation and without major constraints. It will be able in the short term to moderate its current taxation to attract international companies.

Note : Any British structure is subject to the laws of the country in which the activity is carried out.

More information on our partner Website:

CG in Lucerne


Our Office in the Canton of Lucerne

Pragmatism, performance, efficiency and competence being our keywords, we have set up a Fiduciary Office at Root in the canton of Lucerne.

This allows our international clientele to have its head office in a canton with one of the most interesting taxes in Switzerland even after the recent tax reform.

This canton, ideal for the business world, is thus able to offer a corporate tax rate of 12.32% (in 2020), the most attractive rate compared to the Swiss national average.

Lucerne comes close to Hong Kong in terms of favourable corporate taxation.

Ready Made Company

Purchase of Company Securities

When you buy the company’s shares / shares from existing partners / shareholders, you benefit from several advantages, its seniority, the registered capital at its creation and above all a bank account already in place.

Statutory amendment acts such as the change of name, address, business activity and others are established by the Notary.

This solution has the advantage of speed, integrated in the deed of transfer is a Guarantee Clause of Liabilities over the period prior to your purchase, you can work immediately.

What is the purpose of a liability guarantee clause? It is used to protect the purchaser of a company’s securities against any unknown liabilities on the day of the transfer and occurring after the date of sale of the securities

If it were to exist, the seller undertakes by this clause to pay the debts relating to its management in place of the buyer who is in no way responsible.

Expand Your Portfolio

We always have a few companies to sell in our client portfolio, some of which are very old in case you’re interested.

Prices vary according to the age and the amount of the company’s capital.


The force of our seniors with their 40 years of experience in setting up and managing companies brings a sense of the mission accompanied by integrated services highly appreciated by our exclusive clientele.

Portrait C.T-C

Claude Tarinas-Cazenobe


Portrait G.T-C

Gillian Tarinas-Cazenobe

General Director

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