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Bringing a global vision

In the face of the increasing complexity of the economic environment, the services industry requires an integrated approach to managing uncertainties and opportunities.

In an increasingly competitive market, transactions are accelerating and becoming more complex, so choosing the best growth options becomes a difficult exercise.

Fiduciary CG Montreux SA accompanies and advises its clients in order to achieve their strategic objectives of external growth or disposals (entities, subsidiaries, activities).

Thanks to privileged access to the various market players (targets and acquirers) and internationally recognized sector expertise, we are able to identify the transaction best suited to your development strategy.

Our experience in regional, national and international transactions in ever more complex environments ensures you worldwide efficient support.

Company Creation

Company Constitution and Management

Creating, managing, growing your company requires an appropriate strategy and means, but also a knowledge of International Law that acts as a backdrop for all the relationships and activities of a company.

Our Ethics

The commitment as we see it, constitutes the basis of ethics and recalls the essential principles of our quality charter: 

  • The principle of independence, loyalty and confidentiality.
  • Respect for professional secrecy
  • A duty of information, diligence and advice

The choice of a Real Service

Constitution and Management of any type of company

Domiciliation and Corporate Administration


Destinations other than Switzerland are possible, however, a thorough study of your file and your professional requirements will be necessary because the tax optimization for a company does not necessarily rhyme with distance

Once your structure is operational, we can take care of the entire back-office so that you can devote yourself fully to the growth of your activities.

Commercial Domiciliation

Enjoy a prestigious address on the Swiss Riviera!

The Fiduciary CG Montreux SA, offers you a domiciliation for your company with personalized services that will allow you to benefit from a professional team dedicated to the image of your company, allowing you to establish a qualitative presence in Switzerland.

The commercial domiciliation of your company is one of the key components of the success of your business, we bring you a solution with high added value.

Complementary Services

  • Virtual domiciliation of your head office
  • Using our address on your business documents
  • Access to all our office services 
  • Provision of fully equipped offices for all periods
  • Receiving your post with weekly forwarding and email information
  • Dedicated telephone line with call forwarding
  • Meeting rooms available by reservation

A-la-Carte Services

  • Mailings management: creation, drafting and sending
  • Creation of advertising materials, business cards, letterhead
  • Setting up of seminars
  • Booking Hotels – Flights

Administration of Corporations

Since 1st July 2015, the Swiss law of obligations stipulates that all public limited companies must be represented by a person domiciled in Switzerland (Art 718 V/ RS220). The latter must be a member of the Board of Directors and must have access to the register of shares, to the list
of holders of announced shares and to the list of holders of economic rights.

Whether you are resident or non-resident, we offer customized solutions for corporate administration :

Basic Administration Services

  • Domiciliation of the company’s registered office
  • Signature for administrative and tax matters
  • Annual Meeting or Board of Directors.

Complementary Services

  • Signature of a “Global Contract Agreement Full Services”
  • Bilingual Secretariat
  • Mail management with forwarding via mail or DHL
  • Company Management
  • Administrative, accounting and tax monitoring
  • Legal assistance with writing documents.
  • “A-la-carte” Services

Financing Solutions

The Fiduciaire CG Montreux SA, as a service provider, can intervene in any search for financing or refinancing from international banks, investment funds and private investors.

But also, in Working Capital Management: optimization of liquidity and reduction of the financial costs of your company in order to increase your operating margin and your profitability.


Financial Services

  • Real estate financing
  • Business loans
  • Participatory financing
  • Leasing
  • Lombard Credit

Complementary Services

  • Establishing agreements between creditors
  • Assistance and mediation for the implementation of real or personal security
  • Debt restructuring and refinancing operations in the context of collective proceedings
  • Customer assistance to creditors at different stages of the proceedings (creditors committee, declaration of claims)

Company Advice


Personalized listening, a trusted relationship, to better advise you.

 The Fiduciaire CG Montreux SA will inform you in real time on the state of the regulation applicable to your problem and advise you in the implementation of all your projects, giving them the appropriate legal form with strict respect to the legality.

Generalists, with numerous references, we offer our expertise regardless of your sector of activity and can provide local and international companies of all sizes with integrated and targeted consulting services according to the demand.

Since the culture of success is an essential asset for the sustainability of your business, we can, for example, find the most relevant growth drivers for your business or give you advice on strategy, organization or financial management.

Debt Recovery

Either Nationally or Internationally, our experienced Team and network of Lawyers and Partners will restore tangible value to the creditor.

The Fiduciaire CG Montreux SA offers versatile services in strict respect of confidentiality, by implementing comprehensive recovery strategies.

The Fiduciaire CG Montreux SA uses its experience, professionalism and creativity to find suitable solutions and innovative ways to solve serious unpaid situations, which affect in particular exporting companies. 

Global Strategies

  • Financial techniques
  • New information technologies
  • Knowledge of different legal systems

Actions Follow-up

  • Valuation of non-performing assets
  • Implementation of recovery strategies
  • Effective action as an intermediary between the creditor and the debtor
  • Finding information to solve problems related to international payment incidents
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